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Your cake is too valuable for me to waffle about. Let's get to it.

Open a Window

400 by 400 window with a green background


Draw a Rectangle

400 by 400 window with a yellow background and blue square


Draw a Single Character

The Letter A with proper anit-aliasing. The Letter A ignoring anti-aliasing The Letter A without lerped anti-aliasing]


Draw Hello World!

Hello World !Thingy!



This page was originally titled "2D CPU Graphics", but I decided that I don't actually need to venture down that rabbit hole of drawing lines and curves right now. I know myself well enough to know that I'd obsess over it until I understood. So boxes with text are the perfect stopping point.

Along the way, I discovered that I'm not into writing tutorials; which explains why there isn't any code content here. The first 2 milestones featured them, but I ended up spending too much time thinking about what to code in the context of the next post. If you are looking for implementation guidance, I suggest that you to ask your favorite Large Language Model. It would give you far better technical answers than I ever could. As an aside; welcome to the age of synthetic intelligence, where tutorial blogs become fodder. Never mind. I think they lobotomized it while working on alignment.

Next Up

Text Editing

Thanks for the slice.